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Parisien Research Corporation (PRC) provides specialized capabilities and products to qualified domestic and international government, defence, law enforcement, and security organizations. From our headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, we mobilize specialized resources needed for each unique project. Our roster of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) include strategic partners and associates who have extensive experience in military operations, security, intelligence, law enforement, and business.

We integrate innovative technologies and solutions for corporate, government, and National Security programs. PRC operates in three areas:


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NEW Police Operations Support System
2018-03-19 — Parisien Research Corporation has developed a new robotic vehicle called the Police Operations Support System (POSS) which is a derivative of our Dismounted Patrol Cargo Carrier (DPCC) concept conceived for the Canadian Army to carry the equipment of a dismounted combat engineer patrol. The POSS is based on the electric Argo Atlas J6 XTR™ (six wheels) and the Argo Atlas J8 XTR™ (eight-wheels) all-terrain unmanned ground vehicles. These vehicles can be equipped for follow-me, tele-operation, or autonomous operation. A GPS-denied environment navigation package is available as an option for vehicles that might be used in subway or mine tunnels. Both vehicles can be air-lifted by helicopter. Both vehicles can pull trailers to transport additional equipment, fuel, and supplies...[More...]

Remote Package Handling System Operational at Kelowna International Airport

2018-03-19 — Parisien Research Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction into service of the Remote Package Handling System (RPHS) at Kelowna International Airport, British Columbia. This unmanned ground vehicle safely transports suspicious packages from the airport cargo and checked baggage area to a designated disposal area away from flight operations and the passenger terminal. The vehicle is controlled remotely by airport staff as it departs the cargo and baggage area and transits to the disposal site where the suspicious package can be dealt with by an explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) team...[More...]


Mr Victor J. Schrauwen

Parisien Research Corporation is pleased to announce our newest Associate, Mr. Victor J. Schrauwen. Mr Schrauwen is the company point man for providing on the ground support to Kelowna International Airport and conducting business development in the Okanogan Valley of British Columbia (BC).

Mr Schrauwen brings a broad range of experience and skills to the company...[click here to see the full biography]

New RPHS Specification Sheet

March 2018 - Ottawa

Parisien Research Corporation introduces a new addition to the Remote Package Handling System (RPHS), a side dump configuration. The RPHS is an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) robot that safely and securely removes suspicious packages from the checked baggage and cargo area to deliver them to a safe disposal site away from flight operations. [More...]

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