Parisien Research Corporation
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Parisien Research Corporation (PRC) provides specialized capabilities and products to qualified domestic and international government, defence, law enforcement, and security organizations. From our headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, we mobilize specialized resources needed for each unique project. Our roster of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) include strategic partners and associates who have extensive experience in military operations, security, intelligence, law enforement, and business.

We integrate innovative technologies and solutions for corporate, government, and National Security programs. PRC operates in three areas:


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OPP Detective Sergeant (Ret'd)Brent Bergeron

Parisien Research Corporation is pleased to announce our newest Associate, Brent Bergeron. Mr. Bergeron possesses global awareness of terrorism activity and law enforcement surveillance challenges from travel to over 20 countries. In 2016-2017, he authored a comprehensive report designed to improve police Frontline, Investigator, Management, Tactical Team and Surveillance Officer response to imminent terrorist activity and suicide attacks. [More...]

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