Systems and Technology


Accelerated System Integration Environment (ASIE)

PRC has highly experienced people in the fields of Electronic Warfare Threat Simulation, and the Military Simulation and Training (MS&T) field. We offer various Simulation Solutions to allied defence and intelligence communities. Our key personnel have experience in both the virtual simulation world and the range world, where free space radiating systems deliver the same threat signatures to live platforms. We understand the challenges of building complex equipment and integrating them into platforms and having them work together in a collaborative fashion.

This experience gives us a unique skill set for applying this technology to System Integration Labs (SILs). Our ASIE optimizes and accelerates the integration process of multiple systems into platforms that will operate in a threat environment when deployed. Our ability to model threats in a multiple domain environment with high fidelity enables us to exercise equipment in a SIL environment by replicating real time threats, allowing for individual system validation and the ability to evaluate multiple systems that must work collaboratively when integrated together.

Our Accelerated System Integration Environment (ASIE) system allows you to validate systems as they arrive, and not only validate their operational integrity, but their collaborative capabilities before physically integrating them into their host platform. In the case of aircraft, this can save significant cost and time required to recertify the airframe if equipment has to be removed and reinstalled. In the case of ships, this would reduce the amount of time a host ship remains docked during integration. There are many other inherent advantages and features that improve on final delivery commitments, and other mission impacts beyond cost and time with a reconfigurable environment like the ASIE.

One such benefit is the inherent onboard / embedded training capability an ASIE integrated platform is delivered with. You can replicate the ASIE for training purposes in a classroom environment, or have an embedded “training mode” configuration onboard the host platform. Training can even be possible in the SIL during integration with available stations, in order to accelerate the initial training process, improving readiness timelines.