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Parisien Research Corporation (PRC) provides courses for military and public safety organizations. Under the leadership of Mr. David Clemis CD, MBA, Vice-President of Training and Development, PRC has produced 12 specialized courses for Canadian Centre of Public Safety Excellence (CCPSE), and the Atlantic Police Academy (APA). These courses are designed for personnel ranging from frontline officers to members of specialized response units.

Along with our strategic partner, Bremner Associates Inc., PRC has a gathered a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors in the fields of human behaviour, police tactical operations, tactical negotiations, physical surveillance, weapons training, intelligence, and security. These courses are accredited by APA and are available now through their campus in Summerside, PEI or, through special arrangements, anywhere in Canada.”

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The Canadian Centre for Public Safety Excellence was created in 2015 as a joint federal and PEI provincial initiative that brings together the training expertise of the APA and the outstanding training facilities of Slemon Park Corporation. Its purpose is to provide knowledge and skills-based training to first responders in Canada.

The Atlantic Police Academy was opened in 1971 as a division of Holland College. It was a joint creation of the Maritime Provinces to provide first responder training to their resources. The Atlantic Police Academy is one of a small number of police training academies recognized by the Canadian Association of the Chiefs of Police (CACP) and the Canadian Police Association (CPA).

Slemon Park Corporation is a commercial and residential property management and development company for companies and training organizations in aviation, aerospace, police and security training and other commercial activities. Current Slemon Park tenants include Holland College, the Atlantic Police Academy, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), and the RCMP.

CCPSE Courses Available

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Basic Tactical Orientation Yes No No 7 - 25 Aug 2017BTOC
Tactical Negotiation - Level 3 Negotiator Yes No No 11 - 22 Sept 2017TNC3
"Interview, Debriefing, Elicitation, and Counter-Elicitation" Yes Yes Yes 16 -20 Oct 2017IDEC
Terrorism 101 Yes Yes Yes 7 - 8 Nov 2017TERC
Behavioural Studies for Law Enforcement - Level 1 Yes No No TBABSLE1
Behavioural Studies for Law Enforcement - Level 2 Yes No No TBABSLE2
Counter-Terrorist Driving Course Yes Yes Yes TBACTDC
Dynamic Entry High-Risk Warrant Service Yes No No TBADEHRWS
Physical Surveillance Operator Yes Yes No TBAPSOC
Tactical Negotiation - Level 1 Patrol Officer Yes No No TBATNC1
Tactical Negotiation - Level 2 CIRT Yes No No TBATNC2
Hybrid Doorperson/Security Guard No No Yes TBAHDSC
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